This is a 2010-to-2013 archive of Here's how it looks now.


TOKI WOKI is a one-man site; designed, developed and maintained by me, Quentin. You can contact me directly or via my Google Profile's contact page. I work for eduMedia but also freelance sometimes.

I upload apps and tools to the Adobe Exchange and Marketplace and my OpenSource bits are available on Google Code. My Android apps are on the Android Market.

From time to time I add pics to FFFFOUND. If you're looking for nice things you might want to check my Google Reader shared and starred items. Vimeo, Flickr and Picasa are also places where I share stuff. When I travel I sometimes create maps on Google Maps. And I talk shit on Twitter.

Oh! And I scrobble tracks on where I recently liked:


What you're looking at is a 20-column grid with 16-pixel gutters and 32-pixel columns, it's been designed with Boks which is based on Blueprint. If you're wondering what that grid looks like you might want to see it (g or w). The baseline is 22 pixels and hopefully everything fits in it.

Some keyboards shortcuts are available if you want to browse the blog faster: Left or P keys will jump to the previous article, while Right and N will go to the next. You can also use Up and Down arrows to jump to previous and next big elements (such as images and titles). If you like time-travelling you can try Shift+P for "past" and Shift+F for "future".

To quickly open one of the main sections of the site, simply press its number (1, 2, 3 or 4).

All of the JavaScript relies on MooTools and the blog runs on WordPress.