This is a 2010-to-2013 archive of Here's how it looks now.



bawa 11/2013

Client: bawa. Skills: WordPress, CSS, JS.


HeyHeyButton 03/2013

Client: HeyHey Media LLC. Skills: Symfony, CSS, JS.

Other stuff I did this year

Worked on is YOUR teacher, helped fix bugs on Mobo mobile, helped on and Parade, wrote Silocator (a silo geolocation web app), developped an experimental Chrome extension for SG clients.


Long Press

Long Press 13/11/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: JS, UI.


Mobo 04/2012

Client: altima° for Orange. Skills: HTML, CSS, JS.

Fluid Corners

Fluid Corners 04/04/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: JS, UI.

Journée Française de l'Allergie

Journée Française de l'Allergie 03/2012

Client: Datagif for JFA. Skills: WordPress, CSS, JS.


Least 05/03/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: JavaScript, CSS. Blog post.

Kwot JS

Kwot JS 22/02/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: Backbone.js, CSS3, PHP. Blog post.

Shrink O’Matic 2

Shrink O’Matic 2 21/01/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, AIR, Robotlegs. Blog post.

Opinion Valley

Opinion Valley 18/01/2012

Client: Datagif for Opinion Valley. Skills: PHP, JavaScript.



W-Architectures 05/12/2011

Client: W-Architectures. Skills: PHP, JavaScript. Blog post.

MSK view

MSK view 28/09/2011

Client: Clinique du Sport de Bordeaux. Skills: Flex Mobile, Robotlegs. Android Market, AppStore.


Unipasta 19/04/2011

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, Robotlegs. Blog post.

Shrink O’Mobile

Shrink O’Mobile 10/03/2011

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, AIR for Android. Blog post.

Type Tip

Type Tip 29/03/2011

Client: Personal. Skills: pencil, Illustrator. Blog post.

le bureau baroque

le bureau baroque 28/01/2011

Client: le bureau baroque. Skills: Indexhibit, JavaScript. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

Greeting card, Fotolia Desktop v2, « Nous photomatons » with le bureau baroque for arc en rêve, La Classe Américaine for Android phones, Signl.


Hey! – A Lego Table

Hey! – A Lego Table 01/11/2010

Client: Personal. Skills: Lego, ActionScript. Blog post, video.

Fotolia Desktop

Fotolia Desktop 06/2010

Client: Fotolia. Skills: ActionScript, AIR, Flex 4. Blog post.

Buck 65/20th

Buck 65/20th 06/2010

Client: Buck 65. Skills: Logo design, Illustrator.


Dok 25/05/2010

Client: Personal. Skills: ActionScript, AIR, Flex, Illustrator. Blog post.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha 06/05/2010

Pecha Kucha session at le 308, Bordeaux France.

Weecast Player (

Weecast Player ( 01/2010

Client: Skills: ActionScript, AIR, Flex 3. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

Shortcodes for Drupal, Evnt, SVG2RaphaelJS, Okr, Burger Party!, Hey! – A Lego Table, A golden ratio tool.



Paper 28/11/2009

Client: Personal. Skills: JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS. Blog post.

Scroll Clock

Scroll Clock 18/11/2009

Client: Personal. Skills: JavaScript. Blog post, gallery.


Boks 29/03/2009

Client: Personal. Skills: AIR, Flex 3, ActionScript, CSS. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

Ébruiter², Snips 2, TWPlaylist, Meebo Cleaner.



Kwot 14/12/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript. Blog post.

Shrink O’Matic

Shrink O’Matic 10/05/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, AIR, ActionScript. Blog post.


FFFFOUND Desktop 24/10/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex 3, AIR, ActionScript. Blog post.


WebKut 02/03/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex 3, AIR, ActionScript. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

eduMedia, FFFFOUND AS3 API, Ébruiter, Snips, Be Noot.

Way back

Oz, Talk a Pic.