bawa 11/2013

Client: bawa. Skills: WordPress, CSS, JS.


HeyHeyButton 03/2013

Client: HeyHey Media LLC. Skills: Symfony, CSS, JS.

Other stuff I did this year

Worked on is YOUR teacher, helped fix bugs on Mobo mobile, helped on daniel-schweizer.com and Parade, wrote Silocator (a silo geolocation web app), developped an experimental Chrome extension for SG clients.


Long Press

Long Press 13/11/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: JS, UI.


Mobo 04/2012

Client: altima° for Orange. Skills: HTML, CSS, JS.

Fluid Corners

Fluid Corners 04/04/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: JS, UI.

Journée Française de l'Allergie

Journée Française de l'Allergie 03/2012

Client: Datagif for JFA. Skills: WordPress, CSS, JS.


Least 05/03/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: JavaScript, CSS. Blog post.

Kwot JS

Kwot JS 22/02/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: Backbone.js, CSS3, PHP. Blog post.

Shrink O’Matic 2

Shrink O’Matic 2 21/01/2012

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, AIR, Robotlegs. Blog post.

Opinion Valley

Opinion Valley 18/01/2012

Client: Datagif for Opinion Valley. Skills: PHP, JavaScript.



W-Architectures 05/12/2011

Client: W-Architectures. Skills: PHP, JavaScript. Blog post.

MSK view

MSK view 28/09/2011

Client: Clinique du Sport de Bordeaux. Skills: Flex Mobile, Robotlegs. Android Market, AppStore.


Unipasta 19/04/2011

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, Robotlegs. Blog post.

Shrink O’Mobile

Shrink O’Mobile 10/03/2011

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, AIR for Android. Blog post.

Type Tip

Type Tip 29/03/2011

Client: Personal. Skills: pencil, Illustrator. Blog post.

le bureau baroque

le bureau baroque 28/01/2011

Client: le bureau baroque. Skills: Indexhibit, JavaScript. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

Greeting card, Fotolia Desktop v2, « Nous photomatons » with le bureau baroque for arc en rêve, La Classe Américaine for Android phones, Signl.


Hey! – A Lego Table

Hey! – A Lego Table 01/11/2010

Client: Personal. Skills: Lego, ActionScript. Blog post, video.

Fotolia Desktop

Fotolia Desktop 06/2010

Client: Fotolia. Skills: ActionScript, AIR, Flex 4. Blog post.

Buck 65/20th

Buck 65/20th 06/2010

Client: Buck 65. Skills: Logo design, Illustrator.


Dok 25/05/2010

Client: Personal. Skills: ActionScript, AIR, Flex, Illustrator. Blog post.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha 06/05/2010

Pecha Kucha session at le 308, Bordeaux France.

Weecast Player (tuto.com)

Weecast Player (tuto.com) 01/2010

Client: tuto.com. Skills: ActionScript, AIR, Flex 3. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

Shortcodes for Drupal, Evnt, SVG2RaphaelJS, Okr, Burger Party!, Hey! – A Lego Table, A golden ratio tool.



Paper 28/11/2009

Client: Personal. Skills: JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS. Blog post.

Scroll Clock

Scroll Clock 18/11/2009

Client: Personal. Skills: JavaScript. Blog post, gallery.


Boks 29/03/2009

Client: Personal. Skills: AIR, Flex 3, ActionScript, CSS. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

Ébruiter², Snips 2, TWPlaylist, Meebo Cleaner.



Kwot 14/12/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript. Blog post.

Shrink O’Matic

Shrink O’Matic 10/05/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex, AIR, ActionScript. Blog post.


FFFFOUND Desktop 24/10/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex 3, AIR, ActionScript. Blog post.


WebKut 02/03/2008

Client: Personal. Skills: Flex 3, AIR, ActionScript. Blog post.

Other stuff I did this year

eduMedia, FFFFOUND AS3 API, Ébruiter, Snips, Be Noot.

Way back

Oz, Talk a Pic.