This is a 2010-to-2013 archive of Here's how it looks now.


FFFFOUND Desktop is an Adobe AIR application that brings the joy of FFFFOUND to your desktop through an original interface.

It allows you to manage a list of your favorite users, sign in and mark items you love. Just like on the website you can choose to see either users' findings or posts, browse suggested images, favorites users and followers...

I made this app on my own and am not affiliated with FFFFOUND in any way. I am using FFFFOUND's name and logo with Keita Kitamura's permission.

For more legal stuff, here's what FFFFOUND says.

Your username/email and password are not stored anywhere if you don't check "Remember me", I swear. If you do they're stored in the EncryptedLocalStore.


Please upgrade your Flash Player



At this time, animated GIFs are rendered as static images. Your screen has to be at least 800 pixels high in order to view the entire app.

Version history (feed)

Current - 0.5
Initial release

Source code

Some utility classes used in this project are available.

The FFFFOUND API itself is open source! Read more here.


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