This is a 2010-to-2013 archive of Here's how it looks now.


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How do I add elements to the page?

Click and drag on the gray area. If you drew on a new row, padding will be added at the top and bottom of the row you drew in, to allow you draw above or under the new element.

How do I select an element?

Simply click on it, without dragging.

How do I move elements?

Elements can "slide" left or right, simply use your keyboard's left and right arrows to move the currently selected element.

How do I resize the selected element?

To move its left edge, press Shift and left or right. To move its right edge press Alt and left or right.

How do I delete the selected element?

Hit the Delete or the Backspace key.

I added some HTML Content in a DIV, then a child to it and my content is gone, what's wrong?

I decided to only allow content in a DIV if it doesn't have any child. Your content is not lost, it's only not shown, keep cool! If you want to add multiple HTML Contents in this DIV, add children to it and add content to those children...

Why am I not able to resize/move an element?

Element that are not DIVs can only be the size of their parent. Also, elements cannot overlap.

I can't draw in some places, why?

You can't draw (vertically) between some rows. I will try to illustrate this because it's hard to explain with words, sorry!

What are IDs for?

They allow you to target specific tags within your CSS. They will be set on the appropriate elements when exporting the HTML page.

Why cannot I select another markup type for some elements?

If your element is not "parent-wide", it can only be a DIV tag. So if you want an element to be something else than a DIV tag, make sure to resize it so it is as wide as the element it is in.

Some DIVs can't have borders, why?

Those that touch the right edge of their parent can't, that would make them too big and therefore break the layout!

Some headings break the baseline rhythm in the Live Preview window, what's wrong?

Seems like it's a bug with AIR's WebKit... Still investigating.