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Boks–A Visual Grid Editor

Boks is an AIR application (so it works on Windows, Mac and Linux) that provides a User Interface for Blueprint CSS's framework. It's been designed for those who think the Grid System is good but never really took the time to give it love.

It handles grid configuration, baseline rhythm pimpin', CSS (with or without compression) and grid.png export, HTML layout and much more goodie-goodie!

Want more? Sure! You can also provide your own CSS files and other assets to be used in addition with the generated CSS and HTML!


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Versions (feed)

0.5.8 - Current
Updated Blueprint to 1.0!
Fixed a big bug with windows being blank after re-opening them.
Custom baseline bugfix.
Tooltip fix, new option to use remote CSS files, PDF now has baselines (idea by Eimhin).
grid.pdf now without strokes on guides (idea by Hugo, AlivePDF fix by Thibault Imbert)
Fixed a bug that broke the grid when opening a file (thanks to Greg). New option to add space to the top of your page (as a number of lines). "More" tab renamed to "+CSS" tab. New "+JS" tab with the ability to add (predefined and/or custom) remote and local JSs to your page (idea by michs). New HTML 5 DOCTYPE (idea by Marius and michs). Uses a fresher version of AlivePDF.
Pushed the maximum column amount to 150.
Added the ability to have 0px gutters, thanks to gaurav. Added a minimum column amount warning, thanks to bram. Updated Blueprint to 0.9.1. Fixed a bug with Live Preview's menu item.
Removed the "Vote for Boks!" button
Shameless plug: Vote for Boks! Button will be removed after MAX 2009. Compiled for AIR 1.5.2
DOCTYPE dropdown (idea by Palleas), baseline rhythm selectors can now be reordered, dummy text now inserted at cursor/selection, bottom pane is now resizeable (idea by alan), F5 or Ctrl/Command+R now refreshes the preview (idea by alan, too), Blueprint version updated to 0.9 (idea by Kongondo), closing block comment now optional (idea by Cedric), block text preview improved.
Ability to choose between a MooTools or a jQuery version for the image baseline fix, thanks to Erik and Jitendra Vyas.
Lorem Ipsum generator, thanks to and Column width limit pushed to 300px. Elements with IDs now have an HTML comment when closed.
Baseline rhythm fix. Borders: visual feedback. New: PDF export! New: History management (Undo/Redo)!
Bug fix for the column-wide border
Cosmetic issues.
Resizeable Settings window, new shortcut for the Settings window, Live Preview fix on Linux, new buttons in the Live Preview toolbar, new button in the main UI to the Settings window, quick theme update.
Quick help in status bar and width tooltips
Initial release


Video screencasts, FAQ and more... This way, please!


Found a bug or have suggestions? Drop a comment on Boks' blog post.

Source code

[July 25 2011] Boks is now OpenSource, read about it on the blog.

Some classes used in this project are available as opensource code.

Including AlivePDF, Lorem Ipsum Generator, JSON Serialization, HTML Entities and my Adobe AIR utilities.

The JavaScript files (MooTools and jQuery versions) to fix image baselines are available at their own Google Code Project page.

To get the latest versions, make sure your use the SVN repositories.