Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Hey everyone, what's up? Made it to 2012? Me too!

My girlfriend and me wanted to experiment a little for our new year wishes, so we looked at what was handy and came up with this little video... We know it's not perfect but we're pretty happy with it. Tell us what you think!

Thanks to Craig Baldwin for his great stop-motion tutorial on Adobe Premiere, pretty useful for a newbie like me. The soundtrack is home made, thanks to this cool MIDI file.

Wanna listen to the full-length version? Here it is.


Happy new year everyone; 2012 is going to be a piece of cake!

Buck 65–20 Odd Years

I talked about the logo here and there and now, here are the EPs! Grab them digitally or physically.


L'album est sorti le 31 mai mais il n'est pas trop tard pour en parler...

La boîte à musiques — Barcella.

Fais un cadeau à tes oreilles, l'ami !

Why? in Paris

This thursday I was in Paris for a Why? live show ; sound was perfect, songs were nice, time was great! I'm a big fan so there's nothing wrong I could say, except it was kind of short, damn it!

Here are some of the shots I took.

Oh, and by the way... They have a site, now!

Beat Battle II

It took time, but it's finally here! This time everything is live, not pre-recorded track playing as background, so it might be a little out-tempo at times... Still practicing!


Hop, je viens de payer des nouveaux habits à Ébruiter (le blog qui parle de musique à ceux qui ont des oreilles) qui ne se plaisait plus dans son premier ensemble... Grid system, bien sûr. Toujours WordPress, avec un thème maison (merci Boks et Greg) et des hacks par-ci par-là.


Et puisque finalement j'aime bien le concept, je vais essayer de reprendre l'habitude de poster des trucs. Ça va être super.

Chope le flux, poto !


If I don't post this track now it'll be sitting in my "work-in-progress" folder for too long. Can't really decide what it's worth...



I wanted to do this for quite some time: a place that logs tracks I listen to.


Introducing TWPlaylist! Thanks to Twitter and a Winamp Plugin, all tracks that I listen to (at work) are stored on a dummy account (if you know a plugin that does the same for iTunes, please let me know). And to keep things nice and smooth, I set up a quick page that pulls this data and displays it thanks to some AJAX magic... Tracks link to a Discogs search page to find more about them.

As you can read the project page's bottom, everything I wrote is opensource. HTML, CSS and JS ; help yourself. Nothing too fancy, but it could prevent you from wasting time... By the way, the code should be self-explanatory, but if it's not I can help.

You will probably notice the some tracks' data look weird, in fact the Winamp plugin chokes on special characters such as "&" and accented letters... I hope this gets fixed one day.

I've never been a big fan of Twitter as I think most user don't use it the way it should be used, for example by having private discussions or retweeting too much. However it's a pretty interesting platform for experimentation and art projects. What do you think?

[Sept. 2011 Update] I "donated" the twplaylist Twitter account to a charity campaign, so I moved the account archives to twplaylist_bckp.

Beat battle

Via the almighty social network I recently challenged a friend on a MPD/Trigger Finger Beat Battle. Here is my Round 1...

Waiting for his round to drop!

Baby, You.

I've been working on this track for quite some time now. It was supposed to be a collab with The Beetlestones but unfortunately it seems like I'm not the only one with busy week-ends! So I finished it on my own and polished it today...

Here it is.