Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Hey every­one, what’s up? Made it to 2012? Me too!

My girl­friend and me wanted to exper­i­ment a lit­tle for our new year wishes, so we looked at what was handy and came up with this lit­tle video… We know it’s not per­fect but we’re pretty happy with it. Tell us what you think!

Thanks to Craig Bald­win for his great stop-motion tuto­r­ial on Adobe Pre­miere, pretty use­ful for a new­bie like me. The sound­track is home made, thanks to this cool MIDI file.

Wanna lis­ten to the full-length ver­sion? Here it is.


Happy new year every­one; 2012 is going to be a piece of cake!

Buck 65–20 Odd Years

I talked about the logo here and there and now, here are the EPs! Grab them dig­i­tally or phys­i­cally.


L’album est sorti le 31 mai mais il n’est pas trop tard pour en parler…

La boîte à musiques — Bar­cella.

Fais un cadeau à tes oreilles, l’ami !

Why? in Paris

This thurs­day I was in Paris for a Why? live show ; sound was per­fect, songs were nice, time was great! I’m a big fan so there’s noth­ing wrong I could say, except it was kind of short, damn it!

Here are some of the shots I took.

Oh, and by the way… They have a site, now!

Beat Battle II

It took time, but it’s finally here! This time every­thing is live, not pre-recorded track play­ing as back­ground, so it might be a lit­tle out-tempo at times… Still practicing!


Hop, je viens de payer des nou­veaux habits à Ébruiter (le blog qui parle de musique à ceux qui ont des oreilles) qui ne se plai­sait plus dans son pre­mier ensem­ble… Grid sys­tem, bien sûr. Tou­jours Word­Press, avec un thème mai­son (merci Boks et Greg) et des hacks par-ci par-là.


Et puisque finale­ment j’aime bien le con­cept, je vais essayer de repren­dre l’habitude de poster des trucs. Ça va être super.

Chope le flux, poto !


If I don’t post this track now it’ll be sit­ting in my “work-in-progress” folder for too long. Can’t really decide what it’s worth…



I wanted to do this for quite some time: a place that logs tracks I lis­ten to.


Intro­duc­ing TWPlaylist! Thanks to Twit­ter and a Winamp Plu­gin, all tracks that I lis­ten to (at work) are stored on a dummy account (if you know a plu­gin that does the same for iTunes, please let me know). And to keep things nice and smooth, I set up a quick page that pulls this data and dis­plays it thanks to some AJAX magic… Tracks link to a Discogs search page to find more about them.

As you can read the project page’s bot­tom, every­thing I wrote is open­source. HTML, CSS and JS ; help your­self. Noth­ing too fancy, but it could pre­vent you from wast­ing time… By the way, the code should be self-explanatory, but if it’s not I can help.

You will prob­a­bly notice the some tracks’ data look weird, in fact the Winamp plu­gin chokes on spe­cial char­ac­ters such as “&” and accented let­ters… I hope this gets fixed one day.

I’ve never been a big fan of Twit­ter as I think most user don’t use it the way it should be used, for exam­ple by hav­ing pri­vate dis­cus­sions or retweet­ing too much. How­ever it’s a pretty inter­est­ing plat­form for exper­i­men­ta­tion and art projects. What do you think?

[Sept. 2011 Update] I “donated” the twplaylist Twit­ter account to a char­ity cam­paign, so I moved the account archives to twplaylist_bckp.

Beat battle

Via the almighty social net­work I recently chal­lenged a friend on a MPD/Trig­ger Fin­ger Beat Bat­tle. Here is my Round 1…

Wait­ing for his round to drop!

Baby, You.

I’ve been work­ing on this track for quite some time now. It was sup­posed to be a col­lab with The Beetle­stones but unfor­tu­nately it seems like I’m not the only one with busy week-ends! So I fin­ished it on my own and pol­ished it today…

Here it is.