Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Hey every­one, what’s up? Made it to 2012? Me too!

My girl­friend and me wanted to exper­i­ment a lit­tle for our new year wishes, so we looked at what was handy and came up with this lit­tle video… We know it’s not per­fect but we’re pretty happy with it. Tell us what you think!

Thanks to Craig Bald­win for his great stop-motion tuto­r­ial on Adobe Pre­miere, pretty use­ful for a new­bie like me. The sound­track is home made, thanks to this cool MIDI file.

Wanna lis­ten to the full-length ver­sion? Here it is.

<a href="">tetris-2012</a>

Happy new year every­one; 2012 is going to be a piece of cake!


If I don’t post this track now it’ll be sit­ting in my “work-in-progress” folder for too long. Can’t really decide what it’s worth…

<a href="">whiskers</a>

Baby, You.

I’ve been work­ing on this track for quite some time now. It was sup­posed to be a col­lab with The Beetle­stones but unfor­tu­nately it seems like I’m not the only one with busy week-ends! So I fin­ished it on my own and pol­ished it today…

Here it is.

<a href="">baby-you</a>


Guess what: new track!

<a href="">doc</a>


David Lynch is a funny guy.

<a href="">creativity</a>


Another track with­out beats. And the last of this “track week”!

<a href="">untitled5</a>


Piano and beats, too.

<a href="">pi</a>


Mostly piano and beats in this one.

<a href="">paw</a>


I did this back in august 2007…

<a href="">salty</a>


A dark one.

<a href="">under</a>