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It’s an inter­est­ing thing to see how Google is work­ing on its Chrome OS, in an Open­Source fash­ion, let­ting every­one know where they are going and how all this will/may look like. As a UI nerd I find it absolutely lovely to be able to sneak a peek at what’s com­ing next, and have techy details on it, such as hexa­dec­i­mal val­ues and gra­di­ent stops…

Fire­fox also pro­vides sim­i­lar doc­u­ments on its Wiki, and Chro­matic Pixel tells you every­thing about it.

Speak­ing of UI design, here’s a nice arti­cle about craft­ing sub­tle and real­is­tic ones. You’ll find gems like this one in it, and how it is achieved…

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Hey, did you notice I didn’t say any­thing about Flash and/or the iPad? Thank me.


I recently released FFFFOUND Desk­top, this AIR app uses a home-made API that I’m open sourc­ing today. The code is hosted on Google Code and is avail­able via SVN, I also uploaded a zip archive if you prefer.

You’ll find the (asdocs) docs in the repos­i­tory and in the archive.

By the way, I love feed­back. If you use it: please share!

Also, if you need exam­ples on how to use it, ask. I think the sources are self-explanatory but I might be wrong.

A few impor­tant things (also posted on the project’s page):

  • For now, this API will only work in AIR projects because ffffound.com’s crossdomain.xml is too restric­tive. I’ve con­tacted them but at this time they don’t want to change it.
  • The API relies on FFFFOUND’s RSS feeds but also on the site’s pages’ HTML, so some func­tion­al­i­ties might break at any time with­out warn­ing. Use with caution.

Watch the com­ments for any update or news!

Google Maps Flash API!

Quick post: great news!