A new project is online! It’s called Kwot, and it allows you to share and store your favorite quotes.

The UI is quite min­i­mal­is­tic, with focus on sim­plic­ity. Nav­i­gate through quotes with your mouse wheel, your keyboard’s left and right arrow or the mini time­line at the bot­tom. Add a quote by click­ing on the plus but­ton at the bot­tom right hand cor­ner. If you don’t pick any color they’ll be auto­mat­i­cally cho­sen via a magic algo­rithm! Another magic algo­rithm will rotate your quote in 3D space. But don’t worry you will pre­view that in real-time, ha!

I might add user (login) sup­port, lan­guage tag­ging, an RSS feed and stuff like that but don’t expect that too soon, hol­i­days are coming!

If you don’t have the Flash plu­gin or if you visit the site on an iPhone the site will look quite dif­fer­ent but every­thing will remain!

A few things I used in case you won­der: swfad­dress (you will love deep-linking!), GTween, FlashDe­velop, AMFPHP, the view­port width attribute… Oh, and by the way, the font face is called Neu­tra.

Add some quotes and drop feedback!