MSK view, for iOS and Android

I've been working on an app for a French sport hospital, designed to browse its msk image library. It's called "MSK view" and it is available for free in iTunes (iPhone and iPad version) and in the Android Market.

Pretty technical stuff in it, not sure everyone will want to install it but hey, there may be some doctors out there!

The hospital is French but the app is both in French and English. Built in Flash Builder with Flex Mobile, Robotlegs and AMFPHP, UI design by Jumo.

Now go show off browsing images of "Scaphotrapezial Synostosis" or "Rectus Femoris intramuscular Haematoma", whatever it may be!


Hey, 2011 is here folks! Go grab you favorite QR Code reader and decrypt this tag, fool. QR Reader links on the greeting card page.


Introducing my latest project: TW Paper, a simple iPhone/iPod touch wallpaper gallery+collection.


A little bit of JavaScript and some Photoshop/CSS trickery to present a growing collection of images designed for your favorite piece of technology!

The page also works on iPhone/iPod touch but looks a little different for better usability. Just tap+hold on the image to save it.

Paper on iPhone

Expect the gallery to evolve, with new images and quotes!


Quick news, good news. Developing for the Apple iPhone using Flash is now possible, hell! Read more here and there.

Expect me to build stuff with it!


My first iPhone app is finally online!


eduMonkey is an iPhone version of an old toy that we (at eduMedia) love and first converted to a Flash simulation...

The (free) app is both an addition and a multiplication table ; giving you (in the hands of the monkey) the result of the operation between 2 numbers (under the feet). Simply drag the feet and see the result. Nothing too crazy but hey, it's my first app!

Go get it, fool!

eduMonkey Credits

Show it to your teacher, talk about it to your pals, have fun with it and share thoughts... Because I love feedback.

By the way, I discovered this toy via Cuarto Derecha, thanks buddies!


A new project is online! It's called Kwot, and it allows you to share and store your favorite quotes.

The UI is quite minimalistic, with focus on simplicity. Navigate through quotes with your mouse wheel, your keyboard's left and right arrow or the mini timeline at the bottom. Add a quote by clicking on the plus button at the bottom right hand corner. If you don't pick any color they'll be automatically chosen via a magic algorithm! Another magic algorithm will rotate your quote in 3D space. But don't worry you will preview that in real-time, ha!

I might add user (login) support, language tagging, an RSS feed and stuff like that but don't expect that too soon, holidays are coming!

If you don't have the Flash plugin or if you visit the site on an iPhone the site will look quite different but everything will remain!

A few things I used in case you wonder: swfaddress (you will love deep-linking!), GTween, FlashDevelop, AMFPHP, the viewport width attribute... Oh, and by the way, the font face is called Neutra.

Add some quotes and drop feedback!

Apple Touch icon

I'm home, sick, so I've had time to do something I should have done earlier: add an Apple Touch icon to the site. So here's what it looks like!

Despite what the official docs say, I've followed Playground Blues' advice. So my apple-touch-icon.png is 158x158 pixels.

Geeky post? True.

MobileMe UI chops

As you probably know, MobileMe (by Apple) is online, and for you UI design freaks here's food! The URL might change so I stored it...

The file is a huge PNG file (32×6042) with UI element chops. Enjoy a (remastered) preview:


Guess what. I got an iPhone. Thanks eduMedia.

I might write some Web Apps, or even native ones... If I feel creative!


Synchronizing Gmail contacts, adding a Google Apps mail account and Palm calendar events was not that easy (on Windows), in case you wonder how to do: read on!

For some of these steps you'll need a Yahoo account and Microsoft Outlook... I know.

Gmail contacts

  1. Go to Gmail
  2. Switch to Contacts view
  3. Export them (tiny link on the bottom-left corner of the page), choose the "Outlook CSV" option
  4. Store the .csv file on your hard drive
  5. Go to Yahoo Mail (I used the "Classic" UI)
  6. Switch to the Contacts tab
  7. Go to Import/Export (top-right corner)
  8. Choose "Outlook CSV" as the import program and browse to select the .csv, then import
  9. Now go to iTunes, make sure your iPhone is plugged in and selected the left pane
  10. Go to the Info tab
  11. Check the "Sync contacts with" and select "Yahoo address book", you'll be asked for your login and password
  12. Now apply settings and sync...
  13. Here you are!

You might notice that some characters (like French or Spanish ones) are replaced by ugly things. That's because Gmail doesn't output an UTF-8 CSV...

Adding a Google Apps mail account

This one is quite simple, as you'll notice.

  1. In the iPhone settings, go to "Mail"
  2. Add an account
  3. A Gmail one
  4. Enter your settings but specify the entire e-mail address (
  5. That's it!

Import Palm calendar events

Once again, make sure you have a Yahoo account. And for this one you'll also need Microsoft Outlook. Sorry.

  1. Open Palm Desktop
  2. Switch to Calendar view
  3. File > Export, save the .dba file on your hard drive
  4. Go to Yahoo Mail, and select the Calendar tab
  5. Go to Options, and "Import/Export"
  6. Browse to your .dba file in the "Import from Palm Desktop" section
  7. When done, go back to that "Import/Export page" and scroll to the "Export to Outlook" section
  8. Export
  9. Open Outlook (you can use the trial version for free)
  10. File > Import and Export > Outlook > Import from another program or file > Next > Comma Separated Values (Windows) > Next > Browse to your .csv > Next > Select "Calendar" > Next
  11. Events should now be imported, make sure everything is OK, especially the dates because they might have slided a bit. You might also see extra commas at the end of some event names...
  12. Now open iTunes, make sure your iPhone is plugged in and selected the left pane
  13. Check "Sync calendars with" and select "Outlook"
  14. Apply settings and sync...
  15. That should be it!

You'll also notice some UTF-8 oddness... Damn!
Wow, could have been easier!