This is a 2010-to-2013 archive of Here's how it looks now.


I recently released FFFFOUND Desktop, this AIR app uses a home-made API that I'm open sourcing today. The code is hosted on Google Code and is available via SVN, I also uploaded a zip archive if you prefer.

You'll find the (asdocs) docs in the repository and in the archive.

By the way, I love feedback. If you use it: please share!

Also, if you need examples on how to use it, ask. I think the sources are self-explanatory but I might be wrong.

A few important things (also posted on the project's page):

  • For now, this API will only work in AIR projects because's crossdomain.xml is too restrictive. I've contacted them but at this time they don't want to change it.
  • The API relies on FFFFOUND's RSS feeds but also on the site's pages' HTML, so some functionalities might break at any time without warning. Use with caution.

Watch the comments for any update or news!


Finally a new AIR app! It's called FFFFOUND Desktop and if you like FFFFOUND you'll love it.

More info on the projet's page, as usual.

Just like the other AIR apps, it uses some home-brewed open-source utility classes, some of which have been updated for this project, go play with'em!